Science of Friction: Boost Efficiency & Reduce Fuel Consumption


Vespel® SP-2515
Managing friction can boost auto efficiency and reduce fuel consumption.


It has been calculated that six of every seven liters of fuel put into a vehicle are lost to inefficiencies. Connecting inefficiencies to friction, studies have found that somewhere around 10 percent of this lost energy is attributed to friction between moving parts.

This is equivalent to several million barrels of oil a day, and presents a big opportunity for anyone who can improve control of friction.

Friction has long been known to be a significant power thief, but only in the past few years has a real sense of urgency surrounded the issue. This urgency focused the DuPont global technical and Research and Development network on science-based solutions, and on developing new products to help control friction - exemplified by DuPont™ Vespel® SP-2515 parts, the latest material-solution to fight the effects of friction. Using a basic thrust washer test, DuPont demonstrated a 45 percent to 55 percent reduction in friction by using Vespel® SP-2515 instead of PEEK, even at cold temperatures.

Control Friction - Get More Power to the Ground

Entitled "The Science of Friction - High Performance, Cost Effective and Sustainable Solutions for the Transportation Industry", his talk presented highlights of how DuPont's "Science of Friction" program has been able to create new solutions to help control friction and get more power to the ground.


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