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Business News

  • Perspective® for California

    Perspective® herbicide is now available for California vegetation management needs from selective weeding to bareground tank mixes to help protect public safety and improve crew productivity.

  • Product Stewardship Learning Series

    A free product stewardship learning series from DuPont Crop Protection addresses best practices to increase efficiency and effectiveness of herbicide, insecticide and fungicide use.

  • Range and Pasture Specialists Added

    Eight range and pasture specialists have been added to the DuPont Land Management team to help forage and cattle producers identify and implement range and pasture improvement strategies.

  • Label Upgrade for DuPont™ Velpar® L Herbicide

    Allows more pasture grazing & harvest options. Producers can now graze Bermuda Grass and Bahiagrass Pastures immediately after a weed-control application.

  • Changes for Southeast Fruit and Veg

    Growers surveyed at the Southeast Fruit and Vegetable Conference say consumer demands are changing insect and disease control programs.

  • Prevathon® Insect Control: Cereals

    DuPont™ Prevathon® provides insect control for cereals crops to protect grain yield and quality.

  • Verimark™, Exirel™ Insect Control

    EPA registration of Verimark™ and Exirel™ insect control provide new technology solutions from DuPont for early season insect control to help growers improve crop yield and quality.

  • Fall Weed Control Gaining Traction

    Using fall weed control to get a head start on the next season is gaining popularity according to corn, soybean and wheat growers surveyed during 2013 Farm Progress Show in Decatur, Illinois.

  • Scouting Yield-Robbing Soybean Pests

    Growers can use these tips to monitor soybean fields for yield-robbing soybean pests like aphids, stink bugs and kudzu bugs that repopulate and overwinter to cause problems the next season.

  • Greater Soybean Foliar Disease Risk

    Will a fungicide pay for itself in increased yield by controlling soybean foliar disease? DuPont Pioneer researchers offer tips on how to decide whether a fungicide application makes sense.

  • Panoflex™ Herbicide Boosts Burndown Weed Control

    New DuPont™ Panoflex™ herbicide strengthens burndown weed control when paired with glyphosate for growers seeking flexibility for rotating into wheat, barley or soybeans.

  • Fontelis® California Foliar Disease Control

    Fontelis® fungicide from DuPont is available for California foliar disease control in almonds, lettuce and other fruit, vegetable and tree nut crops, helping growers sustain increased production.