TechCon—Our Annual Science Symposium—Hosted its 31st Edition

TechCon Hosts 31st Edition
TechCon Hosts 31st Edition—2015 Keynote Address with Dr. Ellen Williams

Speakers from a range of scientific disciplines shared innovations that have major implications for human society—ranging from ways to make ethanol from different kinds of plants, to human nutrition to the soil microbiome, to the role that advanced materials could have in making more food.

A World of Innovators

That’s the essence of DuPont’s TechCon: innovative scientists and engineers coming together at a single conference so that each one can make the other’s work have a greater impact on the world.

TechCon is the showcase for market-driven, growth-oriented science at DuPont, done in partnership each year with a number of DuPont’s customers. What began as a small gathering among a materials science group three decades ago has grown into an intercontinental, cross-business, integrated science symposium designed to take some of the world’s best scientists out of the day-to-day and give them a chance to learn from each other, business partners, and engage in joint brainstorming with DuPont customers.

TechCon is also a wonderful example of how DuPont operates.

DuPont has always viewed science as a way to solve important challenges for customers, the company and the communities in which it operates. And it’s through science that DuPont has become much more than just the sum of its business segments. The company coordinates the activity of its segments in ways that create value beyond product lines or industry verticals.

Building Bridges

Whereas in the 20th century DuPont created value through the chemical and materials science transformation of petroleum into raw ingredients, the 21st century DuPont combines the biological and chemical sciences to create materials such as packaging and processes that help provide safer, and more plentiful food; shift from non-renewable feedstocks to renewable ones to produce more sustainable energy; and new methods of protection for people and the environment. Those challenges are met through company focus in three strategic priorities—Advanced Materials, Agriculture and Nutrition, and Bio-based Industrials, that bridge DuPont science together. As Senior Vice President and Chief Science & Technology Officer Douglas Muzyka said, “DuPont brings sciences together to tackle real problems - evolving and adapting to meet the real world needs of our customers and creating value for our shareholders.”

Great value isn’t just found within a particular scientific discipline. It’s found where fields intersect, and it is on those active margins that the global market’s most urgent needs will be met.  Similarly, we know that these needs will require us to work together.  And that’s why DuPont has a long tradition of collaborative development with its customers, and invites growth partners to join the event every year.

DuPont approaches TechCon in the same way it operates every day: The company brings together great partners with scientists and engineers to create solutions that no single company could hope to develop alone. That’s the promise of TechCon—and the animating principle of 21st century innovation.