A Healthy Solution to Food Security in China

With 19% of the world’s population, but just 7% of the world’s farmland, China faces a monumental challenge to establish a sustainable food system. Food security in China means improving every part of the food chain — from sustainable farming practices to availability and nutrition to safety and waste reduction.

China's Evolving Strategy

Urbanization and Sustainability

Accessibility and Affordability

DuPont, together with government and business partners is helping China to provide locally grown solutions that deliver long-term sustainability. DuPont is committing $10 billion globally to R&D and introducing 4,000 new products that will meet local needs for better nutrition, sustainability and safety by 2020.

China is the first country to meet the UN Millennium Development Goal of reducing the number of people living in poverty and hunger by 50%.

Learn more about the steps China is taking to become 95% self-sufficient in food while making it available, affordable, nutritious and safe.

Read “China’s Insatiable Appetite for Change”, a White Paper Outlining the Strategy for Food Security in China.

Download the white paper.

This white paper was created by Fortune Industry Perspectives and DuPont. It is the first in a series showcasing sustainable development thought leadership, which helped inform the discussions at the 2013 Fortune Global Forum, which took place, June 6–8, 2013, in Chengdu, China.