The Science Behind Food Security and Crop Protection


Studies show that during the years 2000-2010, worldwide crop consumption increased at a rate of 23 percent. During the same time period, however, the number of harvested acres increased at a meager nine percent, far less than half the rate of consumption.

In order for supply to meet the growing demand, growers need to maximize their yield from every acre. Innovative crop protection becomes a vital element in the science behind increasing crop yields. Much of the growth in yields is going to come from the developing world, where it is estimated that 20-40 percent of crops are lost due to pests. For farmers in Spain, as seen in the mini documentary, “Pick of the Crop,” one voracious pest like Tuta absoluta, a member of the lepidoptera species, can decimate a primary crop like tomatoes, causing complete crop devastation and economic distress.

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