Shanghai, China – DuPont Research & Development Center

Welcome to the DuPont Research & Development Center in Shanghai, China

Innovative Science and Technology is the Engine for DuPont Growth

Shanghai, China is the home to the DuPont China Research & Development Center (CTC). This site is the main center for research, product development, customer support, and materials testing in China.

With a breadth of scientific expertise of the scientists and engineers, the center provides an enhanced platform to enable technological exchanges and research collaborations among local customers and their overseas partners, delivering innovative offerings to China market and around the globe.
Scientists and engineers at the CTC are involved in materials research for photovoltaic, automotive, computer, communications, consumer electronics, bio-based applications, packaging, chemical, and safety and protection markets.
CTC scientists and engineers also provide process capability for polymer blending, part fabrication, and advanced manufacturing as well as analytical capability for materials characterization, failure analysis, and performance properties.

DuPont China Research & Development Center
600 Cailun Road, Zhangjiang Hi-Tech Park
Shanghai, China
Tel. +86-021-28921002

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