The DuPont Fellows 

DuPont Fellows

DuPont Fellows are scientists and engineers who define new technologies, influence research direction and mentor other scientists both inside and outside of the company. Through both personal contributions and collaboration with others, these scientific leaders have translated their technical knowledge, skill and commitment into results with significant impact for DuPont.

Today, there are 24 active employees who hold the prestigious title of DuPont Fellow.

“DuPont is a science company with a rich foundation of sciences, markets and businesses. Throughout our history, science and engineering have enabled us to identify and create new technologies, develop cutting-edge products for our customers and grow our company,” said DuPont Senior Vice President and Chief Science & Technology Officer Douglas Muzyka. “The DuPont Fellows are extraordinary scientists and engineers who are at the forefront of defining brand-new technologies and directions of research both internally and externally, and whose outstanding leadership inspires the scientific community.”

The newest DuPont Fellows are: