Andrew Morgan, DuPont Fellow

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Andrew Morgan is an outstanding scientist, rigorous researcher, and thought leader in the field of food and nutrition science. His vision and leadership has been instrumental in establishing DuPont Nutrition & Health’s platform in Health & Nutrition including underlying science capabilities. He is a member of the 2016 class of DuPont Fellows.

“I was brought up in an environment where everyone was excited by science. I had great teachers and scholars at grammar school and at university, and it was during this time that I developed a real passion for science and the possibilities it offers to feed and enhance the health of the world's growing population,” Andrew said.

It was that that passion that inspired him to seek a degree in biochemistry, and later a Doctor of Philosophy degree in microbial biochemistry and genetics from the University of Sussex, before beginning his industrial research career approximately 35 years ago.

Early on in his career, he accepted a position to develop enzymes for animal nutrition. “This was an easy choice for me,” Andrew reflected. “I’m a biochemist, and I love enzymes.” Enzymes are molecules produced by living organisms that help catalyze biochemical reactions and they can be produced industrially from microbes through fermentation. Ultimately, this position set him on his current path, as he became one of the pioneers in the development of feed enzymes for animal nutrition. He conceived, initiated and led key collaborative programs that resulted in the discovery of new feed enzymes, demonstrated the efficacy and value of enzymes in animal nutrition as well as key fundamental mechanisms of action including the discovery of the role of certain feed enzymes in modulation of the gut microbiota. But it didn’t stop there.

He became leader of the research center that developed key gastrointestinal simulation models for probiotic and prebiotic research in line with his vision for developing a human health & nutrition platform and was foundational to establishing strategic collaborations in enzymes for animal nutrition and human food and nutrition with Genencor and the ultimate integration of Genencor into Danisco.

Today, Andrew serves as the Chief Scientist of DuPont Nutrition & Health. He has overall responsibility to leverage technology to develop new solutions and drive new value creation, and he represents DuPont Nutrition & Health on external boards and technology groups. Andrew is a dedicated role model and mentor, inspiring all of those around him. He serves as the Chair of the Nutrition & Health Technical Fellows Program, which engages senior scientists and engineers to help accelerate projects through science deep dives and drive new ideation.

Andrew said he is honored and humbled to be honored as a DuPont Fellow. “I am inspired by the tremendous contributions science has made to our world in just the past 75 years or so, effectively the lifetime of a human being: the discovery of antibiotics, the first synthetic fiber (Nylon), a man on the moon, the computer and the internet and not least the advances in agricultural productivity, nutrition and health,” he said. “I am excited by the possibilities for science to help solve the challenges we face today and in the future.”