Scott V. Tingey, 2012 Lavoisier Medalist

Scott Tingey, 2012 Lavoisier Medalist

Scott V. Tingey, Molecular Biologist

Highly innovative leader of genomic technologies competency within Pioneer, early adopter and innovator of marker assisted breeding and transgenic plant development.  

Scott V. Tingey, Molecular Geneticist and Research Director, DuPont Ag Biotech (Retired), is recognized for his exceptional contributions to biotechnology research and his leadership role in placing DuPont at the forefront of genomics technology applications to crop improvement. As a result of Scott’s 27+ years of research, DuPont has a vast archive of genomics data that informs its discovery and development programs and has world-leading enabling technologies for molecular breeding. These competencies have enabled the development of new products through marker assisted breeding and transgenic plant creation and provided the foundation for intellectual property creation and enforcement. Dr. Tingey led the Genetic Discovery program at DuPont Pioneer which continues to conduct research to understand the genetic basis of traits and the consequences of epigenetic modifications that will enable the discovery of traits that would not be identified through conventional DNA sequence-based approaches alone.