DuPont Position Statement on Toxic Release Inventory

(Note – The EPA Public Data Release is based on 2012 full-year data reported to the agency in July 2013)

DuPont 2012 TRI total releases and transfers are 13 percent lower than the prior year. We accomplished these reductions by putting DuPont science to work; investing in research and plant equipment, and by modifying and improving manufacturing operations. DuPont has reduced its U.S. TRI total releases and transfers by over 70 percent since reporting was first established in 1987.

DuPont was one of the first companies to publicly establish environmental goals more than 20 years ago. Reducing the company’s environmental footprint is an essential part of our strategy to achieve sustainable growth and demonstrate our commitment to our many stakeholders. While we are pleased with the progress we’ve made reducing our environmental footprint, we remain committed to our goal of zero waste and emissions.