Look and feel - Train design

Innovative design products for the railway industry to increase passenger comfort with unique surfaces, colors and textures.

DuPont offers a wide portfolio of innovative materials for train exterior and interior design.  Aesthetics, durability, environmental friendliness and reliability for everyday use add “inner beauty” to our train materials.

  • Infinite shaping possibilities

DuPont™ Corian® is a durable seamless work surface combining easy cleaning with modern aesthetics and colors. Almost any form and design can be installed, and easily returned to its original condition when damaged or scratched.

-    Solid material, no risk of delamination
-    Multiple design possibilities due to thermo-formability
-    Available in more than 100 colors
-    Anti-vandalism resistance
-    Reduced maintenance
-    Outstanding graffiti performance
-    Seamless joints

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  • Surface feel fibers

DuPont™ Sorona® is a 37% renewably sourced high performance polymer used to produce yarns to manufacture carpets and fabrics with outstanding dirt and stain resistance.

-    Stain resistant
-    Prevents soiling
-    Light colors
-    Textile softness
-    Less cleaning required
-    Contributes to reduce dependence on oil
-    Improved sustainability: 30% less energy consumption, 63% less GHG emissions, 37% renewably sourced monomer

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  • Decorative and protective films

Films based on Melinex® have superior forming capabilities even for complex contours. They provide an attractive surface finish for low maintenance panels. Offered in a variety of colors, they are resistant to graffiti, stains and solvents.

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