Protect people and assets, gain trust- Ensure train safety

DuPont helps guarantee the safety of passengers, avoiding accidents and optimally protecting workers in the rail industry.

DuPont products help improve safety across the entire value added chain. This means guaranteeing the safety of passengers, avoiding accidents and optimally protecting railroad workers.  Along with specially suited products, DuPont also offers comprehensive services including safety consulting.

  • Personal protection

DuPont™ Tyvek®, Nomex® and Kevlar® provide a complete line of protective gear designed to protect railworkers from harmful materials, cuts, high temperatures and fire they could get exposed to while manufacturing and repairing railcar and doing maintenance on rail network.

-    Optimum comfort: Breathable garments
-    Optimal protection against chemical, cut or heat and flame exposure
-    Highly durable: long-wear-life, resistant to abrasion and tear

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  • Safer chemical transportation

DuPont™ Kalrez® perfluoroelastomer parts and Vitron® fluoroelastomers provide a combination of high-temperature performance and exceptional chemical resistance in demanding sealing applications and engine components. They help increase the lifetime of the parts and components and reduce the risk of chemical exposure from seal failure:

-    Proven durable performance
-    Stands up to aggressive fluids
-    Very broad chemical compatibility
-    Superior thermal stability up to 327°C
-    Permeation resistance to reduce emissions
-    Maintains sealing force and seals tight
-    Reduced maintenance costs

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