Optical Bonding Technology

Full Technology Transfer Available for Optical Bonding Process Technology

DuPont licenses its industry-leading Vertak® bonding technology to LCD and touch panel manufacturers who are looking to launch new bonding operations with low barriers to entry.

The core focus of the DuPont™ Vertak® licensing strategy is to drive adoption of optical bonding by granting technology access to key strategic partners across all display applications. 

DuPont provides full technology transfer to licensees, including consulting, planning, integration of bonding capabilities into existing production facilities, project management, training and service support to lower the market entry barriers they face. DuPont also supplies its high performance Vertak® bonding adhesive to licensees.


  • LG Display Streamlines and Optimizes Display Bonding Line
  • LG Display Streamlines and Optimizes Display Bonding Line

    LG Display, the world’s leading display company, recently collaborated with DuPont Display Enhancements, the leading provider of optical bonding solutions for LCD displays, to streamline and optimize LG Display’s bonding line in order to provide LG Display customers with enhanced performance on new touch-enabled display applications.



  • Vertak® High Performance Adhesive

    Highly resistant to yellowing, delamination and bubble formation, this high performance adhesive is optically clear and combines the benefits of silicone and epoxy.

  • Optical Bonding Services

    Using an innovative process that enables high throughput and minimal production time and proprietary adhesive, DuPont provides cost-effective bonded displays that provide superior results, even under the most extreme conditions.