Vinyl Flooring

Resilient Flooring – Beautiful and Durable

The perfect combination of beauty and durability can be found in DuPont™ Vinyl Sheet Flooring. DuPont(TM) Elevations comes in patterns that have the look of natural tile or stone, but with a softness underfoot that you just can’t get from the ‘real thing’. The patterns are timeless classics; and combined with the easy maintenance that vinyl offers, your floors will look new for years to come!

DuPont™ Vinyl Sheet Flooring is available at select Home Depot stores in the following SKUS:


DuPont™ Elevations San Pablo Canyon Clay

DuPont™ Elevations San Pablo Sand Stone

DuPont™ Elevations Captiva Oasis Beige

DuPont™ Elevations Captiva Summer Dusk

DuPont™ Elevations Mirador Desert Blush

DuPont™ Elevations Mirador Aztec Clay

DuPont™ Elevations Pompano Sand Dollar

DuPont™ Elevations Pompano Sunwashed Clay


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