MOLYKOTE® Multipurpose Grease Quadruples Kiln Seal Replacement Service Life

Case Study


Maintenance, repair & overhaul (MRO) operations for sliding runners and kiln seals in a cement operation. 

Operational parameters (LETS)

  • Load: High, with shock loading
  • Environment: Outdoors; dusty
  • Temperature: -40 to +130°C 
  • Speed: Up to 1.5 m/s
  • Process description: Centralized lubrication system (lubrication on the sliding surface)


The grease was quickly oxidizing from constantly being heated to +130°C and being exposed to coke dust. There was wear on the contacting plate. As a result, the kiln seal was failing, resulting in coke being emitted into the atmosphere. The previously used lithium-based grease (with EP additives) did not withstand the higher temperatures or abrasive dust particles.


MOLYKOTE® BR-2 Plus Multi-Purpose Grease provided good adhesion, wear and corrosion protection, and long-term stability, and it contains solid lubricants. It provides resistance to degradation from constant heating and is suitable for long-term lubrication. Solid lubricants form a thin film on contacting surfaces, reducing their wear.

When using grease with solid lubricants, the seal replacement service life was extended from six to 24 months, reducing maintenance, downtime and equipment costs.

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