Gears, Gearboxes & Pumps


Gear designs come in a variety of types including spur gears, helical gears, bevel gears and worm gears. Whether your gear application is part of a gear train transmitting motion from one shaft to another, changing direction of motion through a gearbox, or moving fluid through a pump, it’s important that these toothed wheels operate smoothly. 

To add design flexibility for lightweighting or alternative material selection; reduce noise for added efficiency, safety and comfort; and prevent failures caused by surface fatigue, scoring, pitting, scuffing, abrasion, corrosive wear or tooth breakage or damage, engineers and technicians depend on MOLYKOTE® Specialty Lubricants. 

Select MOLYKOTE® products have been formulated with specific base fluids and additives to not only protect gear teeth from damage and reduce friction, but also to achieve compatibility with engineered polymers used in gears.

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