Slides, Guides & Tracks


Slides, guides and tracks are often used in automotive and industrial applications where smooth operation – free of noise, vibration or harshness – is valued as a perception of quality. The rate of relative movement for these is typically slower than other applications, enabling higher-viscosity lubricants – potentially with some type of solid lubricant additive – to provide maximum performance benefits. Instances with higher speeds and lower loads may allow for a lower-viscosity oil without solid lubricants. Using dry-film anti-friction coatings can prevent attraction of dust and contamination to keep parts moving freely over long time periods.

MOLYKOTE® lubricants feature the NVH control, low bleed and critical compatibility with metal/metal and metal/plastic (including fiber-reinforced plastics) materials to perform in applications where weight reduction cannot sacrifice durability.

MOLYKOTE® provides a portfolio of solutions to meet your lubrication needs for a variety of speeds and loads.

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