About MOLYKOTE® Specialty Lubricants

Legendary performance for today and tomorrow


In 1948, American scientist Alfred Sonntag introduced the world’s first molybdenum disulfide (MoS2) lubricants – MOLYKOTE® brand – and began a rich history of customer-driven performance and materials innovation.

For more than 75 years, MOLYKOTE® has been a trusted partner, helping engineers and manufacturers meet some of the world’s toughest technical design and lubrication challenges. Now, with the addition of DuPont's technologies and expertise, we are even better-positioned to create solutions for emerging trends.

We continually invest in technology and product innovation to support customers’ changing needs. Working side by side with our customers, the MOLYKOTE® Specialty Lubricants brand is forging the future of lubrication with:

  • A broad range of trusted, technology-driven specialty lubricant chemistries – our Smart Lubrication™ solutions
  • Application expertise and technical support from internationally recognized lubrication experts
  • Anti-friction coating, compound, dispersion, grease, paste, and oil solutions to meet megatrend needs and provide sustainable and efficient solutions
  • Innovative combination of tribology and material science for wet and dry lubrication

Explore our interactive timeline to learn more about how we’ve grown – including product innovations, ever-evolving customer challenges, and the many milestones we’ve hit along the way.


Innovating through collaborative application engineering

MOLYKOTE® Specialty Lubricants offer fine-tuned solutions enabled by a customer-oriented development process – made possible by our network of global collaboration and technical development centers equipped with the latest tribological and analytical technology. 

When customers collaborate with us, they have the full benefit of our: 

  • Tribology testing capabilities, from standard data sheet test methods to custom-designed test rigs to match specific customer applications 
  • Equipment to replicate part movement across a wide range of loads, environmental conditions, temperatures and speeds (LETS) to assist with all stages of development – from prototype to production and maintenance 
  • In-house coating research and development 
  • Deep knowledge in resin and solid lubricant technology 
  • Regional experts who translate customer application challenges into measurable lubricant solutions 

In addition, we provide support for coating-line designs, process improvements and coating-shop recommendations. Now with DuPont™ polymers, MOLYKOTE® is expanding its collective understanding of polymer-grease compatibility under diverse conditions, which will allow customers to select products faster and move through evaluation more smoothly.