Machining & Spindles


Spindles or rotating shafts often spin at very high speeds. To maintain long-term precision and to extend component life by reducing friction, wear and heat generation, proper lubrication is required. 

When selecting a lubricant, it is important to consider viscosity and speed rating and to carefully match them to the speed of the spindle. If using a grease in these high-speed applications, the thickener type and cleanliness of the lubricant can minimize the noise generated by the spindle. While greases, pastes or oils typically are used in these applications, an anti-friction coating or dispersion could be suitable as well, depending on the operation.

Another important consideration is lubricant compatibility with the spindle substrate. 

In automotive spindle applications, lubricants must offer minimum difference between static and dynamic friction transitions, as well as consistent performance over wide temperature ranges.

In industrial machining applications, after processing is complete, rust and corrosion on bare metal surfaces can be prevented by applying a protective coating.

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