New MOLYKOTE® Specialty Lubricants website delivers relevant information … fast


One of the first things visitors to DuPont’s new MOLYKOTE® Specialty Lubricants website ( will notice is how quick and easy it is to get to relevant, decision-making information.

The site is designed to help lubricant users at every level – from OEMs, designers and facility engineers to MRO technicians – across both the industrial and automotive sectors find the best MOLYKOTE® solution for their specific needs.

With hundreds of MOLYKOTE® Specialty Lubricants from which to choose, the site’s dynamic “Product finder” feature is a solution-seeker’s best friend. Users can filter by product type, application and/or lubricant technology, all the way down to the specific performance benefits required. Plus, there is an option to compare the performance properties of up to six products on one screen.

Additionally, product options are prefiltered based on a visitor’s location on the website. For example, a visitor’s exploration could take them to pages focused on solutions for actuators or plastic lubrication all the way to a different extreme of vacuum pump applications, and products that meet the appropriate predefined requirements for that application will appear on the page. The user then can use additional filter options from the menu to further narrow their search – all while remaining within the content in which they are most interested. 

Other helpful features on the new site are the “Where to Buy” and “Contact Us” links, which enable the user to obtain a price quote from an experienced MOLYKOTE® distributor or collaborate with a DuPont lubrication expert in the development of a solution for a novel lubrication challenge, respectively.

“In the development of this new site, we worked closely with customers and distributors across the full range of lubrication markets to understand and proactively respond to their information and decision-making needs,” said MOLYKOTE® Application Engineer Glenn Lutz, who led the internal team that provided input to help shape the new website design.