MOLYKOTE® Paste Reduces Thread Failures on Oil-Drilling Equipment

Case Study


4-1/2" or 6-5/8" API threaded connection on a steerable rotary system drilling segment.

Operational parameters (LETS)

  • Load: 32,000 to 62,000 ft-lb
  • Environment: Down-hole; exposed to drilling fluids
  • Temperature: Ambient
  • Process description: Applied with brush at the drilling site


Cold-welding and galling on stainless steel threaded connections was causing thread defects at an unacceptable failure rate (approximately 25%). These failed parts needed to be sent to an offsite repair facility, which cost the customer labor, shipping and weeks of production time.

The previously used product – a “traditional” anti-seize paste containing chromium, copper, nickel and molybdenum – was not able to withstand the high torque values and did not protect the threads.

A solution was needed to prevent cold-welding, galling and failure of stainless steel threaded connections tightened to extremely high torque levels. 


The solution selected was MOLYKOTE® P-37 Anti-Seize Paste, an ultrapure, metal-free lubricating compound that is especially designed for use on austenite steel and steel alloy threaded connections. The high-viscosity paste forms a continuous lubricating film with high-contact adhesion that withstands the extreme forces of drilling applications. It stays in place under extremely high tightening forces, provides excellent sealing and aids component disassembly without thread deformation.

The customer replaced the traditional anti-seize paste with MOLYKOTE® P-37 Paste on critical stainless steel sections of its steerable rotary drilling equipment. This effective solution has made a major difference in boosting system reliability, cutting costs and maintaining production schedules. The customer reported an immediate drop in thread-related connection failures of more than 50%.

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