Kevlar® for law enforcement


Law enforcement gear—our finest deserve the best

For the men and women in law enforcement, being protected from threats like bullets, stabbing weapons and fire is critical. That’s why gear made with innovative, lightweight DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber is so important.

Every day, law enforcement officers confront multiple, unpredictable situations that can change in the blink of an eye. No one knows the difference the right body armor can make more than the 3,100 members of the IACP/DuPont™ Kevlar® Survivors' Club® who have survived potential fatal or disabling injuries by wearing protective vests.

For over 30 years, DuPont has been committed to providing law enforcement officers, SWAT and Special Forces with the superior bullet and stab-resistant power of Kevlar® brand fibers. This commitment drives us to actively collaborate with governments and law enforcement to help ensure that all officers have the access they deserve to the protection they need.

Whether it’s stopping a bullet or protecting against stabs and handmade weapons, the relentless commitment of DuPont to research and product development proudly helps officers come home safely day after day. Because the people who protect us all place the safety of others before themselves, DuPont strives to find solutions to help protect them — even in challenging situations.


Kevlar® for tactical vests

Because police officers never know what type of weapons or perpetrators they may come up against, wearing the right tactical vest can mean the difference between walking away from a criminal assault and facing a potentially fatal or disabling injury.


Kevlar® for correctional

Stabs from handmade weapons, created in jails and prisons, demand their own solution for officers in correctional facilities. To help meet this daily challenge, DuPont developed Kevlar® Correctional™ technology.


IACP/Kevlar® survivors’ club® 

DuPont is proud to partner with the IACP to help promote body armor wear via the IACP/DuPont™ Kevlar® Survivors' Club®.


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