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Your source for OEM-approved adhesives

DuPont adhesives are the preferred choice of automakers worldwide. For decades, we have collaborated with OEM engineers and customized products for a wide range of vehicles. We’re the materials supplier with an unmatched understanding of what it takes to achieve long-term results. This is also why our adhesives are also the preferred choice for aftermarket glass replacement.


Proven replacement materials

We apply our expertise to developing and packaging products that make repairs faster, easier, and more reliable. From applicators to safety gear to training materials, we have what you need for safe, efficient, and effective repairs.

You can count on our replacement materials for:

• Consistent quality
• Durability
• Meeting FMVSS for barrier, rollover, and roof-crush regulations
• Corrosion resistance


Innovation and results

Our R&D team is dedicated to finding ways to improve polyurethane technology for all aftermarket adhesives. For example, DuPont’s newest adhesives for replacement glass, BETASEAL™ Xpress30 and BETASEAL™ Express+ feature short drive-away times powered by our reinforced polyisotropic micro-network (RPM) technology.


Another example is our updated BETASESAL™ U-428+HV/U-838HV that offers an improved viscosity formulation with better decking and resistance to glass movement, which helps increase your productivity and gets drivers back on the road faster.





OEM approved

Make aftermarket repairs with confidence using the same adhesives specified for glass bonding by OEMs worldwide.

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High-performance BETASEAL™ adhesives can be used to ensure a quiet glass replacement for EVs.


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Convenient packaging

Packaged kits ensure you have everything you need on site for efficient repairs. 

History of BETASEAL™

OEM quality and performance for the aftermarket

For over 60 years, BETASEAL™ adhesives have enabled safer, stronger, lighter, and quieter vehicles. See how this got started…and where it’s going.


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Glass replacement

We created the first-ever windshield bonding system and continue to innovate.

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Battery disassembly & repair

Adhesive formulations enable the repair of metal, plastic, and composite body panels and joints to keep cars looking and performing in top shape


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