Battery Disassembly & Repair


Battery repair is of growing interest to the industry, driven by sustainability commitments and governmental regulations

Whether you need to repair cells, modules, or packs, our portfolio of thermal management and battery assembly solutions enable efficient repair processes.

Extending the end-of-life for these advanced technologies is an important initiative and we’re glad to offer materials and insight. 


Allowing easy access to the costly components within the battery pack enables efficient removal of faulty cells or modules. This is of great importance for serviceability without damaging surrounding components. To make this possible, DuPont has formulated adhesives, sealers, and thermal interface materials with disassembly in mind, as well as the ability to ease serviceability.

For example, BETASEAL™ or BETALINK™ sealer used to seal the battery pack can be easily cut through to gain access then re-seal after repair. Similarly, BETATECH™ thermal interface material is specifically formulated for low pull-out force so that individual battery cells can be removed and replaced. These solutions are designed to be robotically applied for high volume builds or can be manually applied for aftermarket applications.


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