Aftermarket Repair


Global manufacturers specify our products to help many types of vehicle repairs meet required safety standards

When repairing vehicles, the goal is to return the body to its original strength, structure, and specifications. Structural adhesives for body repair restore component joint integrity or entire bodies originally bonded with structural adhesives. Glass bonding adhesive systems enable fast, efficient, and safe windshield replacement that helps maintain the structural integrity of the vehicle.


Proven replacement materials

We’ve been partnering with aftermarket distributors and shop owners for decades. We understand how to develop and package products to make repairs faster, easier, and more reliable. From applicators to safety gear to training materials – we’re pleased to work with you and help you succeed.

Our body repair systems accommodate metal, plastics, and glass fiber composites and help rebuild:

• Strength and crash resistance
• Stability
• Durability
• Corrosion resistance

For glass repair and replacement, our materials are available in one- and two-component systems and come in multiple package types, including kits to offer:

• Consistent quality
• Durability
• Meeting FMVSS for barrier, rollover, and roof-crush regulations
• Corrosion resistance
• Advanced Driver Assistance Systems compatibility



 Body repair icon

Body repair

Adhesive formulations enable the repair of metal, plastic, and composite body panels and joints to keep cars looking and performing in top shape

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Glass replacement

Elastic adhesives are the most effective technology for glass replacement adding strength, safety, and corrosion resistance