Modular Assembly


Modular assembly helps improve weight reduction, parts consolidation, and both cost and manufacturing efficiencies

Weight savings continues to drive the use of lighter weight substrates which opens new opportunities for design and manufacturing. Many assemblies are shifting to accommodate lighter weight materials as well as high throughput manufacturing processes and our adhesives are bringing everything together.


Reduce costs, improve efficiencies 

Elastic and structural bonding have helped improve vehicle safety and durability for years. Now our adhesives also enable lightweight modular assemblies that include composite and metal-plastic hybrid substrates and reinforcements. Customers are seeing significant results in mass reduction as well as reduced tooling and capital expenses.

Our adhesives are formulated to manage challenges such as the differences in thermal expansion that can occur when using dissimilar substrates, while adding stiffness and torsional rigidity. In addition, adhesives can eliminate fit and finish concerns like bond line read-through on Class A surfaces.

Typical modular assembly applications include: 

• Liftgate modules
• Front-end carriers
• Lighting surrounds
• Seatback structures
• Deck lids


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