Collaborating to

advance post-consumer

waste circularity


Joining with other leading companies to promote  a circular economy

Our commitment to promote the advancement of a circular economy in our value chains is both strong and long-standing. Our corporate roots include a founding membership in the World Business Council for Sustainable Development; early adoption of the UN Global Compact; and decades of engaging industries, national governments, international bodies and others to advocate for action on climate change.


In 2010, DuPont joined with other leading companies in the healthcare, recycling and waste management industries to form the Healthcare Plastics Recycling Council (HPRC). We are proud to be a founding member of this technical coalition that is working to inspire and enable viable, safe and cost-effective recycling solutions for plastic products and packaging used in the delivery of healthcare.

We are pleased to be actively collaborating with value chain partners on numerous initiatives, such as:

*Tyvek® is made of HDPE and products made of 100% Tyvek® material can be recycled at facilities that recycle flexible HDPE materials. Please check recycling facilities in your area to ensure they can recycle Tyvek®.


We are also active members of:

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International Sustainability & Carbon Certification

Supporting the development and the adoption of sustainable and circular solutions

MedTech Europe
MedTech Europe

Addressing sustainable development challenges within the medical technology sector, including healthcare packaging


Engaging industry partners to develop key criteria when applying mass-balance approaches and to ensure a verifiable and certified approach is applied by companies willing to accelerate the use of renewable feedstocks and waste feedstocks along the value chain

Sterile Barrier Association
Sterile Barrier Association

Promoting the use of and providing education on the most suitable single use sterile barrier systems to ensure patient safety