Industrial bags and sacks


Tyvek® for Industrial Bags and Sacks, offers exeptional strength and air permeability.

Key challenges with industrial bags and sacks: for fine powder packaging manufactures in food, cement, fertilizer, chemical additives the following challenges are commonly faced:

  • Air in the bag can prevent fine powder from fast filling
  • Fine powder generated from the filling can be  harmful to the workers
  • Water contact could affect the shelf life
  • Potential breaking and leakage can affect the handling efficiency

Values that Tyvek® can provide:

  • Permeability allows air to be removed quickly,  helping to enable fast filling of the bags
  • Exceptional tear resistance and burst strength to help reduce potential bag damage during filling and handling
  • Water resistance to help protect products inside from water splash
  • A fine structure that can help reduce potential powder leakage

Tyvek® Styles:
Tyvek® 1073D, 1073B

DuPont Product & Service

Tyvek® for Industrial Packaging

DuPont™ Tyvek® combines the best physical properties of paper, film, and fabric to offer unique advantages for a wide variety of demanding packaging applications.Made of high density polyethylene fibers, Tyvek® brand materials are manufactured in a unique flash-spinning process without the use of binders—providing a durably rugged sheet structure that outperforms many conventional packaging materials, in many environmental conditions.

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