Tyvek® for food active packaging


Tyvek® for Scavenger Sachet provides safe and robust protection


Key challenges:
In the food industry, safety performance always comes first. Strength, breathability and water resistance are very important attributes required by active packaging for food to ensure the packaging safety performance as well as in use. 

Oxygen and Ethylene scavenger sachet also requires good gas permeability and robustness so as to help ensure the safety performance and easiness to use.

What Tyvek® can provide:

  • Supporting Regulatory information for selected offering : US FDA Food Contact Regulation (21 CFR 177.1520);
  • European Food Contact Regulation (EU N° 10/2011 and EC N° 2023/2006) – The regulatory information letters are available upon request.
  • Breathability that enable moisture, oxygen and ethylene adsorption.
  • Puncture resistance helps prevent the bag to burst.

Product offerings:
Tyvek® 1025B, Tyvek® 1059B, Tyvek® 1073B, Tyvek® 2025B*

* Only for US FDA Food Contact Regulations