ABB’s new fast-deployable transformer 

Rapid recovery transformer initiative succeeds using specially designed ABB transformers

Joint Effort

ABB, partnering with the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) and CenterPoint Energy, delivered three modular transformers from its St. Louis, Missouri, facility to a Texas substation within 20 hours in an emergency drill.

Need for rapid recovery transformers

High-voltage or extra high-voltage (EHV) transformers are the most vulnerable components in the grid. They are often located in remote substations, making them difficult to replace in an emergency. They generally weigh hundreds of tons, and are usually too large to transport by road and can take months, if not years, to replace, if they are built from scratch.

Nomex® hybrid insulation

From a design standpoint, the RecX transformer has to meet numerous installation requirements, including storage and transportation specifications that requires a small footprint and light weight to ship on trucks.

Final design details

Speed of installation and disassembling was critical, which meant cooling, accessories and mechanical parts needed to be considered. This resulted in a modular cooling and hybrid insulation system.

Next steps

These rapid recovery transformers were tested and evaluated for over one year at the CenterPoint Energy substation in Texas.

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ABB’s new fast-deployable transformer