MDMs, SPMs, Professors and Students Attend DuPont Medical Packaging Seminar at MSU

Tyvek® Rx: November 2014


On October 9, 2014, nearly 50 participants from the medical device industry and the campus at Michigan State University (MSU) attended the latest in a series of educational seminars hosted by DuPont Medical and Pharmaceutical Protection.

This seminar gave professors and students at MSU an opportunity to gain a better understanding of the medical packaging industry and to interact with medical device manufacturers (MDMs) and sterile packaging manufacturers (SPMs). A reception following the all-day seminar provided additional networking opportunities.

During the seminar, participants learned about DuPont™ Tyvek®, the Tyvek® Transition Project, industry regulations, validation testing for sterile barrier materials, microbial barrier testing for porous packages and much more.

One of the highlights of this seminar was a presentation by Do Chan Seo, an MSU graduate student in the School of Packaging. Titled “Assessing the Effect of Varied Design Elements on Information Processing in Medical Device Labels,” Seo’s presentation summarized research recently conducted and discussed key findings.

Seminar speakers from DuPont Medical and Pharmaceutical Protection included: Jose Arevalo, Business Development Manager, Eastern Region and Latin America; Leslie A. Love, Business Development Manager; and Jane Severin, Ph.D., CPP, Director, Regulatory and Standards, North America. Craig Fisch, Study Director II at Nelson Laboratories, also shared his expertise during this seminar.