Medical Packaging Transition Project update

Tyvek® Rx: October 2013


On June 13, 2013, key members of the DuPont Medical and Pharmaceutical Protection Team participated in a global webcast and shared updates on global regulatory activities; technical milestones that have been reached; risk assessment tools that DuPont has provided; details about the controlled sales process; and an updated Medical Packaging Transition Project (MPTP) timeline.

This webcast, along with other prior events, can be viewed at

In July, DuPont announced that Tyvek® 1073B and Tyvek® 1059B Transition Protocol Materials are now available under a controlled sales process to support medical device manufacturers with their risk assessments and quality management and change control systems, as well as to allow them to qualify the Tyvek® Transition Protocol Material for new device packages. The Tyvek® Transition Protocol Material can be purchased from sterile packaging manufacturers (SPMs) globally. Please note that Tyvek® Transition Protocol Material is not intended to be used for the packaging of existing commercial devices until all applicable regulations in the country of sale have been met.

The next MPTP webcast will be held on October 17, 2013. Register now