New online community for medical packaging industry

Tyvek® Rx: October 2013


Medical Packaging Innovation has quickly become a favorite online community for medical packaging engineers, regulatory managers and others who want to stay up to date on current issues and emerging trends in the medical device industry. Since going live in February 2013, more than 2,000 people have registered on the site.

Sponsored by DuPont, this dynamic community experience is enhanced by the contributions of experts from Europe’s medical packaging industry who share their insights and engage with the larger medical packaging community on topics ranging from trends in packaging design to new legislation surrounding medical labeling—to name just a few. These contributors also share their expertise to offer solutions to design dilemmas and production problems.

At Medical Packaging Innovation, visitors can participate in blogs, flash polls and message boards. Recent blogs have focused on topics such as: “Seven Q&As to test your knowledge on medical packaging performance” and “Regulation and cost are top concerns.” Visitors can also access a host of resources such as technical documents, webcasts and videos.

Visit and experience this enriching exchange of information for yourself.