BETAWIPE™ Surface Activators

Used with the BETASEAL™ or BETAMATE™ adhesives, BETAWIPE™ surface activators quickly and easily prepare automotive glass and many other substrates for bonding and promote adhesion, improving the strength of bond cross-linking between the substrate and adhesive.


  • BETAWIPE works as a surface activator and is primarily used as part of the BETASEAL glass bonding system.
  • It also can be used to promote adhesion of adhesive sealants used for side, roof, floor and other bonding applications.


  • Adhesion promotor
  • Improves efficiency and strength of bond cross-linking between substrate and adhesive
  • Reactivates remaining "cut back" PUR, PAAS, PUR and PVC RIM encapsulations
  • Flash-off time: 10 minutes

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BETAWIPE™ Surface Activators for Automotive