DuPont™ Cyrel® Lightning


Cyrel® Lightning - UV LED exposure optimized plates

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Cyrel® Lightning LSE


Illuminate your printing, a premium engineered surface plate with outstanding print consistency, optimized for UV-LED

This new solvent-processible plate is designed for high intensity UV LED exposure devices and features an engineered surface, enabling flexible packaging printers to achieve exceptional print consistency.  

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Dare to print with Lightning!

Cyrel® Lightning LFH

The DuPont™ Cyrel® Lightning series are the plates of choice for LED exposures to achieve high quality printing across a broad range of packaging segments. Cyrel® LFH is the photopolymer formulation for the thermal Cyrel® FAST workflow. It allows high exposure productivity, improved plate quality, and superior print quality.

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2022 FTA Technical Innovation Award Winner

Cyrel® Lightning Plates

The Cyrel® Lightning Plates received the 2022 FTA Technical Innovation Award. Due to its tailored formulation for UV-LED exposure from the ground up, they provide a perfect balance between access time and quality.

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Customer Voice

Cyber Graphics - Tennessee, US

"In flexo, we constantly talk about driving process optimization. So, having a plate that is tuned for LED exposures, driving throughput, not having the exposure be a bottleneck with LED technology, while still delivering the printing quality that we expect, was a great benefit to our business."

Kevin Bourquin, VP Pre Press Operations at Cyber Graphics

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Customer Voice

West Essex Graphics, and AMGRAPH Packaging, US

A Winning Collaboration: Superior Print Quality, Productivity, and Sustainability with DuPont™ Cyrel®, West Essex Graphics, and AMGRAPH Packaging

"Compared to a similar bag printed just a few years prior, with older plate technology, it was a 'night and day' difference between the new promotional bag and the old one. The ‘pop’ of colors was outstanding with smooth fades to zero.”

Mike Drab, VP Sales and Marketing AMGRAPH Packaging


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Understand the challenges with LED Exposure

Why do we need optimized formulations?

What are the benefits?


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