DuPont™ Cyrel® Lightning


Cyrel® Lightning - UV LED exposure optimized plates

2022 FTA Technical Innovation Award Winner

Cyrel® Lightning Plates

The Cyrel® Lightning Plates received the 2022 FTA Technical Innovation Award. Due to its tailored formulation for UV-LED exposure from the ground up, they provide a perfect balance between access time and quality.

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Customer Voice

Cyber Graphics - Tennessee, US

"In flexo, we constantly talk about driving process optimization. So, having a plate that is tuned for LED exposures, driving throughput, not having the exposure be a bottleneck with LED technology, while still delivering the printing quality that we expect, was a great benefit to our business."

Kevin Bourquin, VP Pre Press Operations at Cyber Graphics

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Technical Whitepaper

Understand the challenges with LED Exposure

Why do we need optimized formulations?

What are the benefits?


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