Tyvek® for specialty envelopes


Because of its lightweight durability, resistance to spills, tears and punctures and excellent printability, Tyvek® brand protective material is ideal for specialty envelopes.
This versatility of Tyvek® for specialty envelopes allows it to be used in tamper-indicator, interdepartmental, credit card sleeves, coin envelopes, festival, pre-stamped, school products and cushioned styles.

Credit Card & Coin Sleeves
Protect magnetic-striped I.D., credit, ATM and other smart cards from the damage and scratches of daily use. A high-impact, low-cost promotional vehicle or extension of any ad campaign. Easy to print with colorful, customized graphics, card sleeves made of Tyvek® act like long-lasting wallet billboards. Available in a variety of styles, they make popular giveaways for your customers.
Tyvek® is perfect for coin holders, too. Because it is both flexible and strong, Tyvek® allows coins to be easily stacked and protected at the same time. Tyvek® is both lignin-free and pH neutral, making it safe for storage of sensitive items, such as rare coins and stamps.

Cushioned Envelopes
When contents require an extra layer of protection, cushioned Tyvek® envelopes are the perfect solution. A convenient and cost-effective alternative to bulky boxes and cartons. Also a good alternative to other envelopes that are vulnerable to water and moisture damage. Available in various sizes with protective bubble or foam lining.

Festival envelopes are specialty envelopes that are widely used in the Europe, Middle East and Africa region to promote specific events. Tyvek® brand protective material has been selected as the substrate for these unique envelopes not only because it assures protection of the envelope’s contents, but also due to its excellent printability of high-impact designs.

First Day Covers - Singapore Post
Many First Day Cover collectors like envelopes made of Tyvek® because of their unique aesthetics and distinctive appearance. Most important, the color and design of the Tyvek® envelope will not fade, which is a critical feature for collectors.

Rakhi festival - India Post
Rakhi is a very popular festival in India that is celebrated each year in August. As part of the festival, sisters tie a wrist band on their brothers’ right hands. If they cannot do this in person, the sisters send the Rakhi (wrist band) through India Post. Tyvek® was selected as the best material for the Rakhi envelopes because of its outstanding resistance to tears, punctures, moisture and abrasion. Because of their inherent ability to protect and safeguard valuable contents, Tyvek® envelopes offer peace of mind and confidence to customers. In addition, their eye-catching appearance combined with high-performance protection help make Tyvek® envelopes among the most popular during the Rakhi festival.

Interdepartmental envelopes made of Tyvek® brand protective material are available with resealable closures in Velcro®, Peerless Tac™, clasp, or string & button.

The French Post Office introduced pre-stamped envelopes made of Tyvek® brand protective material with a special ‘track and trace’ system in 1989. These easy-to-store, easy-to-use envelopes offer multiple benefits to converters, the Postal Service and end users alike.
For end users, pre-stamped envelopes offer one-stop shopping and safe delivery of important contents.
For converters, the pre-stamped envelopes are a high-value offering that can be printed on both flexographic or offset litho printing processes.
For the Postal Service, pre-stamped envelopes offer assured protection of customer contents which translates to a reduced likelihood of claims; they can reduce volume requirements due to the flexibility and conformability of the Tyvek® envelope; they project a high-quality image; and they are readily recyclable.

School Products
School Products made of Tyvek® brand protective material are ideal for education because they create effective new channels of communication between school and home. 

Tamper Indicator
Tyvek® Envelopes are ideal for confidential, sensitive and valuable contents. Once the seal is broken, the word "OPENED" appears in the window, letting the receiver know that the contents have not been compromised. Highly recommended for confidential documents, human resources files, test results, financial statements, evidence/case files, contracts, legal documents and more. Available in various designs and sizes, all featuring self-sealing closures.