Tyvek® 2FS™


Recognized as a standard of excellence for form-fill-seal and less demanding packaging applications, Tyvek® 2FS, a lighter form of medical and pharmaceutical packaging styles of Tyvek®, offers outstanding resistance to microbial penetration, significantly reduced risk of package failure, compatibility with a broad range of sterilization methods, a low risk of device contamination, and the ability to withstand transportation challenges.

Outstanding Resistance to Microbial Penetration

Even under the most rigorous conditions in highly contaminated environments, Tyvek® 2FS is highly resistant to bacterial spores and other contaminating microorganisms. Microbial barrier test data consistently prove that all styles of Tyvek® for sterile medical packaging—Tyvek® 1073B, Tyvek® 1059B and Tyvek® 2FS— hold out bacterial spores and test particles better than other commercially available porous medical packaging materials, including medical-grade papers. In addition, an accelerated aging study proved conclusively that Tyvek® 2FS shows no change in microbial barrier properties after withstanding extreme conditions.

Significantly Reduced Risk of Package Failure

The tough, continuous filaments of Tyvek® 2FS help protect package integrity from both product breakthrough inside and rough handling outside. Compared to medical-grade papers, Tyvek® 2FS has superior tear strength and puncture resistance.

Compatibility with a Broad Range of Sterilization Methods

Unlike medical-grade papers and films, Tyvek® 2FS is compatible with all of the most commonly used sterilization methods. These include:

  • Ethylene Oxide (EO)
  • Radiation (Gamma and electron beam)
  • Steam (under controlled conditions)
  • Low temperature oxidative

So no matter which process you use for your sterile medical packaging Tyvek® 2FS will retain its protective properties, color and flexibility.

Low Risk of Device Contamination

The unique structure of Tyvek® 2FS— tough, continuous filaments—creates a tortuous path that results in microbial barrier and strength properties superior to those of medical-grade papers. It also means that Tyvek® 2FS generates very few airborne particles when sterile form-fill-seal packaging is opened or handled. This clean peel minimizes the risk of introducing particulates into a clean environment.

Ability to Withstand Transportation Challenges

Another distinct advantage that Tyvek® 2FS has over medical-grade papers and films is its ability to withstand the significant temperature and pressure changes commonly encountered during shipping. Because it is breathable, Tyvek® 2FS minimizes the formation of condensation due to temperature extremes that can occur during transportation. This breathability also allows medical packages made with Tyvek® 2FS to equilibrate rapidly from the pressure changes that occur not only during shipping but also in storage environments.