Synthetic or mineral oils contain special-additives for industrial lubrication

Specify MOLYKOTE™ brand lubricating oils and dispersions to meet high-performance industrial lubrication requirements with special-purpose fluids, blends, additives and solids.

Match your industrial lubricants to the performance you need

With a wide range of application-matched formulations, MOLYKOTE™ brand lubricating oils and dispersions provide excellent choices to meet your specialized, industrial lubrication needs.

Our industrial oils are specially produced to minimize impurities, and selected performance-enhancing additives are blended in to meet specific application requirements. You can get the job done right in compressors, pumps, gearboxes, chain drives, hydraulics and much more. Specialty and multi-purpose oils are available.

For even more Smart Lubrication™ confidence, MOLYKOTE™ brand dispersions may be preferred for applications in which you need solid-lubricant performance in a liquid form. These offer you:

  • Different base oils, acting as carrier fluids for a wide range of solid lubricants
  • Solvent carriers that evaporate leaving a wet-film lubricant in place
  • Lubricant solids such as graphite and MoS2 (molybdenum disulfide)