Make the futuristic … realistic!

Innovate with confidence through the power of MOLYKOTE™ brand specialty lubricants for automotive interiors.

Featured at WardsAuto 2018 Interiors Conference:

MOLYKOTE™ Anti-Friction Coatings for service-life lubrication and noise protection

  • Clean, long-lasting dry-film lubrication minimizes replacement and service costs
  • Excellent anti-squeak performance
  • Low coefficient of friction for enhanced aesthetics and reliability
  • Options for plastic/plastic, metal/plastic, paint/leather, plastic/leather, leather/leather interfaces

Use where oils or greases cannot be used for technical reasons or risk of soiling.

MOLYKOTE™ Specialty PAO Lubricants – Smart Lubrication™ for interior NVH control

  • A long history of high performance in challenging applications worldwide
  • Noise-damping capabilities enhance interior comfort
  • Lubrication capabilities reduce friction and wear on metal/plastic and plastic/plastic interfaces
  • Durable performance across a wide temperature range
  • Low bleed, low evaporation, good corrosion resistance

Ideal for use on seating guide tracks, steering components, small motors, window regulators.




Secure quiet comfort and smoothness to enhance user experience and brand differentiation

The look, feel and sense of comfort conveyed by the vehicle interior and exterior shape perceptions of vehicle quality, safety and overall performance. We can help you reduce component weight and meet goals for advanced user experience.

MOLYKOTE™ Specialty Lubricants

  • Reduce squeaks, rattles and vibrations without soiling or staining
  • Reduce mass, enhance haptics and quiet noise on slide rails, guides and headrests
  • Smooth and quiet operation of switches and actuators
  • Reduce friction, wear and noise on sunroofs, door slides/guides and window motors and regulators
  • Prevent corrosion and seizure of door looks and release mechanisms