Specialized solid lubricants act as friction-controlling additives and help to prevent seizure under high loads as lubricating paste formulations

Depend on MOLYKOTE™ brand anti-seize pastes for protecting industrial equipment components from galling, fretting corrosion, seizure or damage under high loads.

High-performance protection in harsh environments

You can expect MOLYKOTE™ anti-seize pastes to handle tough lubrication jobs. The grease-like materials are especially formulated with a high concentration of solid lubricants in a carrier oil to deliver high performance. Even if the carrier oil is squeezed out or driven off under load, these solids form and maintain a strong lubricating film on metal surfaces.

They offer:

  • Durable wear protection
  • Reliable performance across wide temperature ranges
  • Consistent coefficient of friction (CoF)
  • Water washout resistance
  • Corrosion protection

MOLYKOTE™ anti-seize pastes are often used to reduce friction and wear on assembly press-fits and during start-up. They also are used on threaded connections to ensure proper tightening torque, aid non-destructive disassembly, and reduce connection failure in service.

Optimize friction control in severe-duty applications

Get the advantages of MOLYKOTE™ brand lubricant solids and powders for extreme loads and for precise friction-control properties in industrial materials.

High-quality MOLYKOTE ™lubricating solids can meet your needs for highly effective metal-to-metal lubrication at extreme loads and slow speeds, or reliable metal-to-plastic lubrication at low loads and slow-to-medium speeds.

For engineering precise friction control into composite materials used in equipment brake and clutch linings, MOLYKOTE™ LUBOLID® friction-control additives may be your answer. A range of carefully formulated inorganic solids is available for different applications to provide:

  • Stabilization of friction properties
  • Improvements in friction recovery
  • Reduced vibration and wear
  • Stability under application temperatures up to 450°C (842°F)