Compressor Components


Long-lasting aircraft engine compressor parts with lower friction

DuPont solutions improve performance and extend engine life while saving weight and lowering costs.


DuPont™ Vespel®, with its ability to run lubricated or unlubricated with low wear and friction, is the material of choice for:

• Stator vane bushings
• Bumper and wear pads
• Abradable seals
• Main rotor bumper bearings 
• Composite shrouds

Aircraft compressor parts made with Vespel® provide:

• High performance at temperature extremes
• Outstanding creep strength
• Impact resistance
• Exceptional dimensional stability
• Lower thermal expansion
• Easy machinability 

Aircraft manufacturers and suppliers have relied on Vespel® parts and shapes, polymer composites, and resin composites for over 50 years. And, with over 100 grades, our technicians will help you find optimum solutions to your compressor design challenges. 


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