Aircraft Engine Externals


DuPont materials solve your toughest sealing, wear, and friction challenges for aircraft engine externals

When you seek the most comprehensive, innovative, and high-performing science-based solutions, DuPont™ Vespel® delivers.

For over 50 years, manufacturers of aircraft engine externals have relied on Vespel® for:

• Low friction and high wear resistance
• High strength under heavy loads
• Vibration dampening
• Thermal endurance
• Tight sealing
• Creep resistance
• Electrical and thermal insulation

Vespel® delivers high performance for components in harsh environments including:

• Composite tube clamps
• Duct seals
• Ferrules
• Valve seals
• Bumpers, wear pads, and wear strips
• Actuation arm bearings
• Bellcrank bushings
• Self-locking fasteners
• Insulators
• Spline adaptors
• Couplings

Plus, Vespel® makes lighter weight parts not only practical, but, in many cases, better than standard metals, ceramics, and other engineering polymers.


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