Reliability & Productivity

Putting Reliability and Productivity First in the Oil and Gas Industry

Our commitment is to create an environment for reliability and productivity. Even in some of the most extreme operating environments DuPont can help empower your operation to work at peak efficiency, improve throughput and reduce downtime.

DuPont understands that the oil and gas industry has serious issues and trends that it has to deal with, from striving to raise production efficiency and reduce operating costs to keeping downtime to a minimum and your capital effectiveness at its maximum.  By utilizing our proven range of consulting services, technology solutions and outstanding materials we can help you improve your bottom line performance.

Operations Excellence

See how our Operations Excellence consulting experts customize results-driven solutions based on real-world experience, for rapid and enduring gains.


  • Rings & Bearings - DuPont specializes in high performance materials.
  • High Performance Materials

    DuPont specializes in high performance materials including chemicals, polymers, elastomers, fibres, fabrics and garments.


  • Perspective® offers effective selective weeding while preserving desirable grass.

    Perspective® Herbicide

  • Krovar® I DF Herbicide

    Krovar® I DF herbicide delivers effective preemergent control of key weeds including kochia, pigweed and Russian thistle, in citrus as well as non-crop weed control.

  • Oust® Extra Herbicide

    Oust® Extra controls key annual and perennial grasses and broadleaf weeds in conifer plantations and non-crop sites. It may also be used to control certain hardwoods and vines when applied in site preparation treatments.

  • Oust® XP Herbicide

    Oust® XP controls tough annual and perennial grasses and broadleaf weeds in forestry and non-crop sites. It can be tank mixed with other suitably registered herbicides for additional control and flexibility.