Oil & Gas Upstream

Protecting the environment and investments in hydrocarbon production.


Lower costs and increase production with effective treatment for industrial water

Water quality is critical to improve the recovery and minimize the environmental impact of hydrocarbon production. Solids removal and salinity adjustments from the industrial water produced during this process are a major concern for oil and gas producers looking to protect their wells, lower costs, protect downstream equipment, and reduce safety and environmental issues.

DuPont Water Solutions offers expertise and a growing portfolio of technologies to address the unique industrial water resource management needs of the hydrocarbon exploration and production industry.


Explore Oil & Gas applications


Injection Water Treatment

Injection water quality is critical to improve oil recovery. We provide injection water treatment solutions that can be used for sulfate removal, offshore desalination, and more.

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Produced Water

We offer cost-effective upstream oil & gas technologies for enhanced oil recovery and contaminant removal from produced water.

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Unconventional Oil & Gas

We provide efficient water treatment technologies for unconventional oil & gas extraction methods, such as hydraulic fracturing of shale oil, SAGD, and more.

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