Marine Industry Products

DuPont brings science-powered technologies, products and services to the marine industry that facilitate regulatory compliance, enhance performance and promote safety.

As a leading science company, DuPont is ready to meet the many challenges facing the marine industry. DuPont has solutions to improve environmental performance and compliance for marine engines and boilers. We offer products that improve your vessel’s design and efficiency, as well as services to ensure safety onboard and at port. From tankers to offshore platforms to super yachts and everything in between, DuPont offers technologies, products and services to improve compliance and performance cost-effectively. With offices located around the globe, DuPont is a choice partner to meet the needs of all key players in the marine industry.


  • The DSS Consulting Philosophy

    Read about the DuPont Sustainable Solutions (DSS) consulting philosophy and learn more about transformational business solutions informed by years of practical experience.

  • DSS Launches New Operational Excellence Offering

    Integrated, Balanced Approach Helps Companies Increase Productivity and Improve Quality, Human Safety and Environmental Footprint

  • Operations Excellence Overview

    Achieving operations excellence is one of the most important contributors to an organization’s sustainable performance and growth. Learn more about the DuPont Consulting Solution for operations excellence.

  • Operational Excellence Infographic

    This infographic outlines why companies undertake operational improvements, the external drivers, gaps which can lead to a low success rate and the benefits of an operations excellence program.

  • The Path to Operational Excellence

    Read the article to learn more about why operational excellence is one of the most important contributors to an organization’s sustainable performance and growth.

  • Better Safety Monitoring

    Download the DuPont Sustainable Solutions (DSS) market study and research paper to learn more about safety monitoring and workplace safety incidents in Europe.

  • Maersk Successfully Demos BELCO Technology

    Belco Technologies Corporation (BELCO®), a wholly owned subsidiary of DuPont, has partnered with the Maersk Group to successfully demonstrate BELCO® Marine Scrubber technology aboard the Maersk Tukang, a container ship with max TEU Capacity of 8,112.

  • Sustainable Operations Overview Brochure

    Read the DuPont Sustainable Solutions (DSS) overview brochure on maximizing business sustainability and protecting assets through Sustainable Operations.

  • Elastomer Chemical Resistance Guide

  • Simon Herriott, Global Managing Director, DSS

    Simon Herriott is Global Managing Director of the DuPont Sustainable Solutions global consulting practice. His team of experts helps make organizations safer, more efficient, and more environmentally sustainable.

  • Brian Rains, Global Practice Leader

    Brian Rains leads our Operations Excellence practice, helping clients optimize their operations performance through a holistic approach to safety, quality, yields, assets, supply chains and energy utilization improvement.

  • Training Solutions Brochure

    DSS Training Solutions offers scalable applications with versatile implementation options.


  • K-Sea Transportation Inc. Case Study

    Read the DuPont Sustainable Solutions (DSS) case study on K-Sea Transportation Inc. to see how they used a centralized platform for user-friendly, engaging employee training.

  • Toll Ports Case Study

    Read the DuPont Sustainable Solutions (DSS) case study on Toll Ports to learn how they embrace workplace safety as a key business value.