Workplace Safety and Consulting

DuPont Workplace Safety Consulting

Our experts help protect your organization’s people and your assets by applying DuPont’s best practices, developed from our own world-class safety processes, and our experience gained through consulting with clients around the world.

Through our consulting division, DuPont Sustainable Solutions, we offer customized solutions and training programs to help transform employee, process and contractor safety performance.

The costs of major incidents go beyond the hard dollars to the core of a company’s reputation and right to operate. Through management systems, operational discipline and empowered employees, we can help you identify and control risks. Our customized solutions can help improve workplace safety, develop employee skills, and minimize risk. Significant savings add up as injuries, lost time and secondary costs go down.

DuPont is a world-class safety leader and was the recipient of the prestigious National Safety Council Robert W. Campbell Award in 2013. Since 1973, DuPont has tailored our best practices and real-world experience to benefit organizations like yours. We have provided workplace safety training to over three million people worldwide, helping our clients meet and exceed regulatory standards.