Exterior Walls

Exterior Walls

Solutions for the Entire Wall Envelope

DuPont Performance Building Solutions' exterior wall solutions give you a systematic approach that works for your entire building envelope. Innovative yet easy-to-install, our exterior insulations systems and sealants are helping architects and contractors deliver high-performance buildings of all types.


A Systematic Approach

Maximize performance through proven solutions, minimize risk of moisture damage and simplify construction for reduced labor costs and resource needs. Our wall systems for commercial construction incorporates the latest in building science with cutting edge technologies. Made up of continuous exterior insulation boasting high insulating value and integrated, game-changing weatherization and air barrier solutions, we provide architects more design flexibility than ever.

Thermax™ Wall System

Ultra Air Barrier Wall System


Building Code Guides

Our self-service resources can help guide you to determine the best design strategies and most efficient building materials to meet your project needs. There are hundreds of assemblies with our range of technologies passing the United States NFPA 285 assembly test. We've combined a variety of approved assemblies to help you determine the best insulation choice for your construction needs. Similarly, our self-guided Code Assessment Engine for Canada navigates the Canadian building code logic to compare above grade wall strategies for building materials and design methods. Choose your region to get started:

US NFPA 285 Wall Assembly Wizard

Canadian Code Assessment Engine


Exterior Continuous Insulation

A continuous layer of rigid insulation is the preferred wall solution for providing the ultimate above-grade wall protection. By insulating the entire exterior wall span – not just the space between wall studs –thermal bridging is minimized and energy efficiency maximized.

DuPont offers a range of high-performance exterior insulation products that provide the following benefits:

  • High, long-term R-value
  • Exceptional moisture resistance
  • Excellent compressive strength
  • Long-term durability and performance
  • Compatible with variety of building types

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Exterior Weatherization

Preventing water and uncontrolled vapor from entering through exterior walls is critical for a long-lasting high-performing envelope. Our leading portfolio of complete building envelope solutions offers proven compatibility with our other building envelope components to put you at ease that your structure uses high performing solutions backed by building science.

DuPont has been the industry leader since it invented the building wrap category more than 40 years ago. Today, we’re working with architects, builders and installers on innovative solutions for the next generation of new construction, and renovation of existing buildings.

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Exterior Air Sealing

The small air leaks and cracks found in a typical home or building can add up to big energy losses and serious moisture damage. Whether air sealing during new construction or sealing an existing structure, DuPont's range of insulating foam sealants are a quick and convenient solution for closing exterior gaps in your building envelope.

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Exterior Accessories

DuPont™ Building Envelope systems accessories, including DuPont™ sealants, tapes and wrap caps, put the finishing touches on the building envelope, helping to establish durable protection against air and water infiltration for years to come.

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Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems (EIFS) or External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems (ETICS) as they are also known, are proprietary, multi-layered exterior wall systems that are increasingly popular with architects and owners because they improve energy savings, reduce costs and provide tremendous design versatility.

Solutions like DuPont™ XNERGY™ instulation or Styrofoam™ Brand Panel Core Insulation are key to EIF's excellent energy efficiency, durability and moisture resistance.

Using DuPont Performance Building Solutions insulation, architects designing EIFS assemblies are provided with a reliable single-source solution for the air and water-resistive barrier, continuous insulation and exterior wall finish.

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