Commercial builders count on DuPont for roofing solutions


Energy-efficient, resilient building all the way to the top

Look to DuPont for proven thermal and moisture protection for energy-efficient, resilient buildings from the roof down. The roof is a critical factor in the overall performance of the building envelope. Ensure longer-lasting, energy-efficient and sustainable conventional or inverted roofs with moisture-resistant insulation and adhesive solutions from DuPont.

Green roof installation

Design for the future

Enable next-generation roofing solutions with science-based materials that deliver the performance needed for sustainable, durable construction.

  • High compression strength (up to 100 psi) for excellent durability and damage resistance
  • Superior moisture resistance
  • Consistent R-value performance over time and temperature range
  • Compatible with green and blue roof systems
Installation of DuPont™ Styrofoam™ on a building roof

Increase job site productivity

Simplify installation with durable roofing insulation materials from DuPont Performance Building Systems.

  • Lightweight products are easy to handle; one person can handle materials on their own safely
  • Cuttable, easy-to-use materials simplify installation
  • A robust product line tailored to specific needs handles a wide range of job site demands

Featured products

Styrofoam™ Brand Roofmate™
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Styrofoam™ Brand Highload
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Styrofoam™ Brand Plazamate™
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Froth-Pak™ Foam Insulation – Two-Component Spray Foam
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DuPont™ Insta Stik™ Quik Set Commercial Roofing Adhesive
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DuPont™ Tile Bond™ Roof Tile Adhesive

Roofing applications

Inverted roofs

In an inverted roof, insulation is placed on top of the membrane, enabling a perfect foundation for a terrace, garden or green roof on the top of your building. An inverted roof assembly can lengthen the life of the roof, contribute to sustainability and provide long-term cost savings.

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