Air Sealing & Weatherization


Go toe-to-toe with the weather

Air and water work around the clock to test the integrity of your building. Delivering a high-performance structure hinges on how well you manage the impact of both elements around the envelope.


With easy-to-apply DuPont products, you’ll be equipped to seal out drafts and air leaks, block bulk water, and promote drying – keeping everybody inside comfortable in all types of weather.

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Building envelopes don’t get a day off. Building to last means building with confidence, and that takes warranty-backed materials that can stand the weather. Many Dupont products have been active for more than 50 years.

Health & Safety

People spend 90 percent of their time inside, making indoor air quality indispensable to their well-being. Dupont air and water barriers are part of the solution, allowing vapor permeability that keeps moisture from creating mold and rot in the walls.


Air leaks cause 40 percent of energy loss in a home – and most leaks happen around windows and doors. The right air sealing and insulation around a home lightens the load on HVAC systems, saving up to 30 percent on heating and cooling bills.


Overcoming the elements

Fortify your project against the everyday challenges of nature

  • Meeting expectations for efficiency
  • Delivering long-term durability
  • Maintaining health, safety and comfort